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    Eco-Initiatives at YCIS

    Student Blog

    09 Apr, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Spencer, Student Head of the Eco Council, Year 12, Century Park Campus

      At YCIS, our community has not only developed an understanding of environmental problems, but has also taken effective action to combat them. This year we have continued our commitment to reducing desertification in Inner Mongolia and have donated another RMB 50,000 yuan to the Million Tree Project.

      The money will go towards the planting of two new forests, each with a thousand trees, and we thank all those who have supported our cause. We have recently sent a group of Year 12 students to help plant trees in the region to see the fruits of our fundraising efforts. They had a very enlightening trip and we thank them for representing our school in the reforestation campaign.

      This school year has also brought further initiatives. The school’s Eco Council, a combination of IB students, teachers, and form eco-representatives, has launched a recycling campaign, collecting paper every Thursday and raising hundreds of yuan. At this year’s Christmas concert we sold dozens of decorated tree ornaments and water bottles with the profits also going to the Million Tree Project.

      It now seems that our school is becoming more and more green as Earth Week approaches (April 20-24)! With our first eco-publication to be released then, a Treecycling competition, a bake sale, and a myriad of other environmentally themed activities to engage in, we hope our community will take yet another step towards a greener environment.