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    Exciting Summer Plans?

    Student Blog

    11 Jun, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Oliver, Year 9, Century Park Campus

      I know that students, parents, and our teachers are all looking forward to an amazing summer this year. Whether it’s going down to the beach to catch up on your sandcastle building skills, or retreating back to the snow to throw a snowball or two, everyone can’t wait to enjoy summer. While talking with individuals in our school community I’ve gotten wind of some pretty cool summer plans that are worth sharing:

      Now, naturally some people will stay in Shanghai this summer. Other students at our school have shared with me their fun plans for what they are going to do during their seven free weeks. From scuba diving in Thailand (which I strongly recommend), to hiking formidable mountains, to even skydiving (indoors of course), our students will be seeing the world and all its wonderful glory.

      Some students will return home to visit their families and culture, while others will venture to unexplored countries and take leaps out of their comfort zones for fun. So go out this summer, taste new foods, see new sights, and if you can, walk on different soil. The entire world is our limit, so the question is: what will you do this summer, and will it be a summer worth remembering?