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    My Years at YCIS Were a Wonderful Journey

    Student Blog

    23 Jul, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Jenny Kim, Class of 2015, Gubei Campus

      I’m originally from South Korea, and I have studied at YCIS since Year 8. Every year at the school was a journey for me; my overall knowledge increased so much and I became an involved member of the school community. YCIS really emphasises how to care for and collaborate with others. Through these lessons, I became a better person who strives to bring about positive change.

      There are so many opportunities to get involved at YCIS outside the classroom. I’m most proud of the opportunity I had to make an impact. In Year 10, my friend and I founded a microcredit organisation called Farmwell. Together, we utilised our economics knowledge that we learnt in the classroom and used it to help migrant farmers in China. To date, we have helped over 420 farmers across China, and this achievement was possible with the help of our teachers. They were there to always support us and helped us organise large-scale events to raise money, such as selling customised phone cases and hosting a food eating competition called “Pancake Mania”. In college, I actually plan on majoring in Economics because it is an area that interests me and because I’ve had real life experience in the field now through Farmwell. I was also involved in other ways at the school, including playing on the YCIS volleyball team and participating in the Environmental Club.

      YCIS is unique because it is much more like a family than other international schools. When I’ve talked with students from other international schools, they don’t really even know many other students in their own year level. At YCIS, we know each other and are always there for one another. Our teachers are also like family, and I always felt like I could approach any of my teachers about any question I had. I’ll also miss the school spirit I experienced during House Carnivals or the many community interactions during field trips and other major school events. My time at YCIS has truly been a wonderful journey.