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    My Involvement in the Performing Arts at YCIS

    Student Blog

    05 Nov, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Libby, Year 11, Century Park Campus

      YCIS provides a wide-range of Co-curricular activities that all students are encouraged to try, and being someone who has always sought to find out what I excel in, my tactic has always been to jump into everything despite my small comfort zone. Because of this, I have found myself involved in several exhilarating drama productions, including acting in Romeo and Juliet, It’s Not Me It’s You, and Oliver Twist, as well as taking a role as a backstage manager for You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

      Being involved in these productions is not only about memorising lines and stage directions, it’s about being part of something that is creative and inspires us to go out and have fun in front of an audience. It teaches us stage confidence, and slowly but surely helps us overcome our shyness.

      Even after absorbing new public speaking skills, the main reason I continue to join performing arts Co-curricular activities at YCIS is because of the friendships that I have developed over the weeks and even months of rehearsals. Usually a wide-range of students in a mix of year levels participate in the productions, so it makes it easy to socialise and get to know other students who you had never had the chance to engage with before. A few of my close friendships began from all of the hours spent after school in the drama room going over scenes.

      The adrenaline and thrill felt during a performance always stays with you for a few days, a rewarding reminder that going beyond your comfort zone can also be the reason behind the unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.