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    What I Love about Studying at an International School

    Student Blog

    02 Dec, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Lorenzo, Year 11, Century Park Campus

      Because international schools have students from all over the world, it gives us, as students, the opportunity to be introduced to many different cultures and traditions. At YCIS, we celebrate various festivals, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Diwali, and Chinese New Year, and these celebrations are the doorways to the numerous cultures represented at our school.

      Each year we meet new students from different backgrounds, and this enables us to become even more accepting and open-minded. We are also constantly focused on topics of international and global significance, helping to broaden our minds and develop our critical thinking skills. All of our classes are focused on a global scale, rather than just national, and we take into consideration all perspectives and opinions. This makes us more well-rounded and ready for university, where we will come across yet an even more diverse learning environment.

      The opportunities that an international school offers are endless, and we are constantly exposed to countless occasions in all aspects of our education and learning. It ranges from sports and performance to debate, and even to robotics; however, all of these activities adopt an international twist. For instance, in sports, not only do we compete in a Shanghai league, but we also take part in the ACAMIS competition, which allows us to travel to other parts of the country and compete with other international schools. For World Scholar’s Cup, we also travel to other countries, such as Japan and Singapore. When taking part in these events we meet students from different countries and schools, allowing us to build worldwide relationships.

      International schools nurture students who are prepared and ready to confront challenges, both inside and outside school. They shape you to become well-rounded, balanced, and open-minded, helping to open doors to universities and careers around the world.