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    The Things I Love the Most about YCIS

    Student Blog

    06 Jan, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Reiren, Year 13, Gubei Campus

      I have been at YCIS for six years. There are many things I love about YCIS. The things I love most are the school activities, for example: House Carnivals, Battle of the Bands, peer tutoring, Chamber Choir, the Environmental Club, the annual Speech Competition, and many more. Because students participate in these activities so actively I find myself trying many new activities each year. Here, I will introduce two of my favourite school activities, the House Carnival and the Chamber Choir.

      On House Carnival days, we compete against other houses in many different ways, ranging from the Knowledge Bowl to sports games, to even music activities. As we participate actively, I find the day meaningful. As students, we love our houses, and even on normal school days we are all united when discussing our houses.

      The Chamber Choir is one of the most popular music activities at YCIS. In my opinion, the Chamber Choir at YCIS is one of the best high school choirs because the members are very experienced at performing on stage. I have performed with the choir almost 20 times in three years. When I first joined the choir, I felt extremely nervous on stage, but now I am more than excited about performing in front of an audience. Whenever we perform a piece successfully, our conductor, Ms Davis, encourages us by saying that we have done extremely well and that we sounded absolutely gorgeous. I find my confidence in her words.

      All the experiences I have had at YCIS are priceless treasures to me, and I will always remember every moment of my high school days, every smile from my friends and teachers, and every change inside my heart.