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    A Memorable Science Field Trip

    Student Blog

    23 Feb, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Manuja, Year 10, Century Park Campus

      In January, the Year 10’s travelled to the Shanghai Natural History Museum, one of the largest museums of natural sciences in China.

      When we arrived at the museum, we were taken to the “class”. There was a museum docent there who taught us about how old the Earth is and how many extinct creatures we have had throughout history.

      Once we learned all of the information, we had to make a timeline featuring all the creatures who lived and still are living. This required a lot of mathematics and some scientific skills.

      The day before the field trip, our biology teacher, Mr Enright, had emailed us with a task and pictures of some of the creatures in that museum that were taken from unusual angles. Our mission was to find the entire creature and take a picture in order to win a prize. Our group was really eager to complete the photo challenge and we managed to complete the task just in time. As the other groups didn’t accomplish the project, we were the winners 

      This trip taught us many things about the world, about extinct creatures, and about living ones. I believe that this trip should continue with the future Year 10s, and I would like to thank our teachers who organised this; it really meant a lot to us!