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    Exhibiting in the IB Art Show

    Student Blog

    27 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Cathy, Year 13, Gubei Campus

      The IB Visual Art Show was the first time I have exhibited my works of art to the public. Before the show I was quite nervous, yet also filled with excitement about how the audience would react to my work.

      The evening started off with speeches from our Co-Principals and teachers, followed by an amusing appreciation video put together by the Art and Design & Technology for our teachers. After the opening, the audience explored the exhibition. When visitors came to examine my section of the gallery, I was delighted to explain my works in detail and it was extremely interesting to see how each person interpreted my pieces in a different way. I also had the chance to elaborate on the theme of my art pieces with some of my teachers. For instance, my Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher questioned the momentary and longevity aspects of one of my projects. As I explained to him that it had to do with stories of farmers that lived during Mao’s time, we then discussed the meaning of a person’s life and the idea of existentialism. I was very pleased that my friends, teachers, and family members came to the show and gave their kindest compliments.

      As I walked around the exhibition myself, I saw a combination of different styles of artwork and designs, and I was grateful to see the two years of hard work displayed altogether in a spectacular show of Visual Art and Design & Technology.