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    Learning the Value of Teamwork in IB Theatre

    Student Blog

    09 May, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Cristopher, Year 12, Gubei Campus

      This March, one of the most exciting days of the year for our IB Theatre class at YCIS Shanghai had finally arrived. The ‘YCIS Drama Performance Evening’ was an event that was filled with excitement, anticipation, and strong support from the invited audience members.

      As performers, we were all nervous about our performances, which each and every one of us had practised with great care, time, and effort, and we had just one shot to give the audience members an unforgettable and memorable theatrical experience. Our IB collaborative task included both standard level and higher level students, and we were required to select certain targeted members of the audience to provide feedback about the impact of our performances.

      It was a successful night for both of our groups. The first performance was an Absurd theater piece that was very entertaining to watch. In my opinion, the piece was alluring because they had ‘jump scares’ in their play, which allowed the performers to interact with the audience, making the experience enjoyable. I also understood more about the experience of being on ‘the other side’ of a performance. Performing in a YCIS drama performance evening is an amazing experience, indeed. Even though my group all felt very nervous, the fact that we were ALL nervous made us calm down, and we assured each other that we would all be working together and could improvise, which made me feel very safe during our performance.

      Performing is a magical and exceptional experience, and the programme at YCIS has helped me learn that being able to work as a team has many benefits because everyone’s in it together.