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    Why I'll miss the YCIS community

    Student Blog

    03 Aug, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Aaron, Class of 2016, Century Park Campus

      My name is Aaron, I was born in Indonesia and I came to YCIS in Year 6. I can’t believe I’m graduating High School! I didn’t expect to stay in Shanghai so long, and now it’s already been 7 years at YCIS! Being in this international environment, it feels as if I’m graduating from multiple countries.

      I’ve chosen to study Biotechnology at university in the US. Someone in my family, whom I’m very close to, got sick, and biotechnology helped cure them. That’s what has inspired me to pursue this field of study, as I know it’s an area that will allow me to someday really help people.

      I have such great relationships with my classmates at the Century Park Campus, it’s almost like we’re brothers and sisters. We know so much about each other and get along really well. We’re especially close to our form tutor, Ms Greenall. She’s been our form tutor for four years and is like a second mother to us.

      I’ve really enjoyed extracurricular activities at YCIS, particularly sport. There’s so much variety, I’ve played in at least three sports teams every year. I love being part of the team and playing with my friends.

      At my previous school I didn’t have very good grades because the teachers there didn’t seem to care so much. When I came to YCIS in Year 6 the teachers were all so supportive, especially my form teacher. She encouraged me to work hard because she believed I was a bright student. My grades have improved tremendously since then.

      Being at an international school has allowed me to meet people from all over the world and to find out more about other cultures. By learning about different cultures I’ve been able to understand them and appreciate them in a whole new way. One thing that present and future students at YCIS can look forward to is the warm community, where students develop family-like relationships with both their friends and teachers, which is truly special.