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    Why I Love Playing Sports at YCIS

    Student Blog

    15 Sep, 2016

    10 : 00

    • David, Year 11, Century Park Campus

      As they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so Extra-Curricular Activities like sports are an essential part of a school programme, helping in the all-round development of the students.

      YCIS is a great school with a never-ending passion for sport. YCIS has competed in a wide variety of sports, ranging from soccer to tennis, badminton to floor hockey, table tennis, volleyball, and many more. When I first heard about YCIS, I was impressed by the school’s sporting facilities and opportunities. As an athlete, it’s important to have access to a great sports programme, as well as to receive an outstanding education.

      What I like most about the sports at YCIS is that I get to play with students from different year levels, learn new skills, and play sports that I have not played before. I love that the school organises ‘House’ sporting events, like Sports Day, the Founder’s Day Run, the Mad Run and more. These events are not only about sport, but also act as a way to bring the community together, and sometimes raise money to support different charities in China.

      I have represented the school in a number of different sporting events, and I believe that it’s important to set both personal goals and team goals. I am always looking at how I can increase training or improve my skills in order to be better at a particular sport, and the teachers at YCIS are always there to help me achieve my goals. Working together as a team and having specific goals is really important. For example, at the ACAMIS Soccer tournament, our team set a goal to play our best and bring back a trophy, and we ended up bringing a trophy back!

      I appreciate that YCIS puts a focus on sportsmanship, and we play games to do the best we can, and to make sure that both sides are having fun. I really like participating in sports at YCIS, both for the experiences and for the new friends.