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    Founder's Day - A Global YCIS Celebration

    Student Blog

    10 Nov, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Year 7 and 8 students from YCIS Shanghai’s Gubei Campus discuss their favourite aspects of Founder’s Day.

      Clark, Year 8

      Founder’s Day is an exciting experience for both students and teachers across the entire YCIS network. This year, on October 14th, we celebrated our school’s 84th birthday. We spent Founder’s Day remembering the school’s founder, Madam Tsang Chor-hang, while looking back at the 84 years of outstanding progress that the school has made, as well as looking to our bright future. 

      In the morning, we started by separating into ‘houses’ for exciting campus-wide games of tug-of-war. This reflected the great relationship between the students and teachers as everyone played together! Staff and students then watched a live broadcast featuring YCIS schools worldwide. Greetings from all of the YCIS campuses were, and our school’s Director, Dr. Betty Chan, made a very motivational speech about the school. The students all stood up and sang the school hymn beautifully before leaving the gym.

      Soon, the students were split into year groups to compete against students of the same age. There were many exhilarating sports played, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, and dodgeball. Students showed their school spirit by participating in the activities, and many proved to be marvelous athletes. During the final award ceremony it was noted that the scores were very close, and every announcement was met with positive cheers from different houses. I believe that 84 years can be a lifetime, but for Yew Chung it is only the beginning of educational progress!

      Frank, Year 8

      I love Founder’s Day! There are three main reasons why I like the day so much.

      First, Founder’s Day is incredibly fun. Why? It’s because  we play sports on that day. If people like sports as much as I do, they will be thrilled with how we celebrate Founder’s Day.

      Second, it gives us the chance to communicate and make new friends with students in other grades, which makes regular school days even more fun.

      Third, it’s also an excellent time to practice teamwork skills by working together. There are lots of activities on Founder’s Day and I would say that my favourite thing about Founder’s Day is working in teams.

      Yusuke, Year 8

      Founder’s Day is my favourite event at YCIS. This is because I can play sports for a whole school day! On Founder’s Day, I can play soccer, basketball, dodgeball, tug-of-war, and more. We can also improve our communication skills. In sports like soccer, we say things like “pass”, “go up”, or “shoot” to our team and it helps us play better. While playing and communicating with teammates, it’s easy to make friends, which is great, too. 

      Nicolas, Year 7, Gubei Campus

      Founders Day is a great celebration for YCIS. We can play games and develop teamwork skills while having fun. The games include basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, music challenges, and knowledge ball. It really is a great day!