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    Learning about Cultural Differences in China

    Student Blog

    14 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • People often wonder if being an expatriate in Shanghai is a challenge with language barriers and other differences, but after immersing myself in Chinese culture, I have learned to speak the Chinese language, appreciate the arts of China, and savour Chinese cuisine. 

      Immersing yourself in Chinese culture and stepping outside the terrains of your comfort zone will provide you with opportunities to make new friends and become more open-minded. Taste a couple of delectable local snacks with your family and friends. Have fun celebrating Chinese holidays, and educate yourself on the history behind them. Enhance your Chinese language skills, and visit the many galleries that display ancient Chinese calligraphy or pottery. 

      In our Chinese Studies class, we have learned about the origins of the Chinese language and culture, and we have also played many fun Chinese board games. These lessons have encouraged communication and sparked creativity, helping students collaborate with their classmates over rounds of Chinese chess, and igniting a passion for the Chinese arts. 

      Throughout the years, I have realised that understanding and engaging in cultural differences can facilitate your growth as a global citizen, and give you a more diverse outlook on the world. Embrace cultural differences, and you will see that a little variety will always spice up your stay in Shanghai.

      By Bethany, Year 10, YCIS Pudong Secondary.