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    What I Like Most about Pudong

    Student Blog

    13 Dec, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Pudong, Shanghai is undeniably one of the most vibrant, memorable districts in the world. Whether you’re gazing up at the breath-taking skyscrapers of the financial district that seem to reach into the clouds, or you are examining the incredibly sophisticated architecture of the district’s ancient temples, you’ll always find yourself blown away as you explore what Pudong has to offer.

      The extraordinarily diverse experiences that you can discover here is what I like most about Pudong. Now, what do I mean by diverse experiences? Well, for a start, there’s an abundance of interesting locations scattered across the district, and an array of activities that you can do at each one. You could experience 140 hectares of nature’s beauty with a bike ride, boat ride, or just a casual stroll through Century Park. You could also choose to immerse yourself with the magnificent skyline of downtown Pudong and take in the fabulous views of Puxi through a speedy elevator ride to the 121st-floor observation deck of the Shanghai Tower, at an altitude of more than eighteen hundred feet (561 metres) high. A variety of eye-catching exhibitions, exhilarating theme parks (including Mainland China’s only Disney resort), and colossal shopping malls further solidify Pudong’s distinguished reputation.

      Pudong is one of the few places in the world where you can genuinely claim that there is something for everyone. This is what I love most about the lively and unforgettable district of Pudong, Shanghai.

      By Oufan, Year 11, YCIS Pudong Secondary.