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    Tips for New Students to YCIS Shanghai

    Student Blog

    01 Jul, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Transitioning to a new school may seem daunting, but it is something that everyone must experience at one time or another. To all of the students who are new to YCIS Shanghai, here is a handful of tips that can help you adjust to your new school.

      Embrace Opportunities

      My first tip is to embrace the opportunities you are presented with here. Try out new things. The best way to do so is to take advantage of the full range of extracurricular activities offered at YCIS Shanghai. For example, you can join the Photography Club, get involved in various sports activities, participate in the Eco-Committee, try out debating, chess, baking, and more! You can even develop your music skills or learn a new instrument by joining Sinfonia, Combined Band, Stage and Show Band, or the Ukulele Club. I firmly believe that getting involved in many different activities can help expand your interests and make new friends.

      Maintain a Study-Life Balance

      Another helpful tip is to maintain a study-life balance. It is never an easy task to juggle your studies with a fulfilling social life, but it is vital to take a break from schoolwork and find time to relax and have fun with your new friends. Whether it’s a movie night, a reading session, or a trip to the cafe, spending time with your friends and taking care of your body, mind, and relationships is essential for your well-being. Even spending a weekend sightseeing and exploring different parts of Shanghai can help you to become more familiarised with your new environment.

      Be Yourself

      This may sound cheesy, but let yourself be who you are. As a new student at a new school, it is common to try to change yourself to blend or fit in with others. You should embrace your uniqueness and not be afraid to express yourself, because after all, YCIS Shanghai is an incredibly friendly and welcoming community. Diversity is treasured here!

      By Hui Wen, Year 11, YCIS Pudong Secondary