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    My Top Five Things to Do Around Puxi Secondary Campus (When not in the Classroom)

    Student Blog

    29 Nov, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Despite having a very full learning experience within the classroom each day at YCIS Puxi Secondary, there are a lot of other activities to partake in on campus outside the classroom walls. Throughout the day, we are given plenty of time to explore the school grounds to our heart’s content, and we can use the various school facilities during our free time.

      1. Using Sports Facilities

      During morning and lunch breaks, many students across multiple year levels make use of the variety of sporting facilities located across the campus. Personally, I often play basketball with my friends during this time as a way of taking a break from our rigorous classes.

      2. Visiting the Library

      Using this time to go to the library is also an option. The library is a large learning space for students to socialise over academic material, and a good place to enjoy some quiet reading time in the silent areas.

      3. Making the Most of Music Rooms

      Hanging out in the Music rooms is a great way to spend free time on campus, as the various musical instruments and equipment available allow students to engage in many activities ranging from learning how to play a new instrument to composing music.

      4. Exploring Visual Arts

      Aside from the ‘art of music,’ the Visual Arts department is also certainly a sight to see. With the vast range of artistic styles, genres, and mediums students indulge themselves in, the artwork displayed creates sparks of inspiration within everyone and ignites their inner creative fires.

      5. Relaxing in the Wellness Areas

      After a long week of work, it is also important for us as students to engage in proper relaxation to maintain a healthy state of mind. In times like this, we can visit our wellness rooms to help us to relax. With the soothing, calm music flowing through our ears, coupled with the naturally lit open space, any anxieties or worries will soon evaporate from our minds.

      Besides the already engaging activities within each classroom, these are my top five activities to do around campus when not in the classroom.

      By Michael, Year 13, YCIS Puxi Secondary