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    The Importance of Learning Experiences Outside of the Classroom

    Student Blog

    30 Dec, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Education should never be simple or monotonous. It requires diversity. In other words, classroom education should not be the only type of education, as activities outside the classroom are important, too.

      First of all, no matter what kind of education you take outside of the classroom, any external activity helps develop your interpersonal abilities. This includes communication, teamwork, and creativity, since, most of the time, these activities will require interaction with other people. All of these skills and abilities will also help you in your future life.

      Education outside the school should be complementary to academic learning. For example, you will have a strong and healthy body if you are doing sports; you will change your aesthetic approach if you are doing any art-related subjects; you will learn to cooperate with different people along the way. All of this could open your mind without you even realising it.

      I am very grateful that my parents are encouraging me to try a variety of activities outside the classroom. I play tennis, golf, and ride horses, all activities that strengthen me physically and psychologically. I learn Spanish and Japanese, which helps me a lot in understanding different cultures and traditions. All of these activities enrich my life and teach me new things.

      Many students develop several hobbies outside the classrooms, creating the right foundations for a brighter future with even more opportunities. In our modern society, the more abilities you have, the brighter your future might be. You can never go wrong by trying new things!

      I believe that education outside of the classroom advances and supports students in many ways and makes the learning process more colourful!

      By Zoe, Year 10, YCIS Puxi Secondary