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    My Top Five Chinese Snacks

    Student Blog

    23 Sep, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Living in China provides so many opportunities to try new and exciting foods. Here are some of my favourite snacks that I can enjoy in China.

      One of my favourite Chinese snacks is ‘rice crackers’ (饼干). Rice crackers are a famous snack in Asia, and they are mainly made of rice. Their calories are a lot lower than other regular crackers.

      My second favourite snack is ‘meat skewers’ (肉串). They are a common street-food in China. The meat can be beef, lamb, or pork. This snack has a smoky, spicy, and savoury taste. I like this snack because it’s easy to eat and tastes delicious.

      In the United States, pancakes are often eaten for breakfast but, in China, there is ‘jianbing’ (煎饼). Jianbing are savoury, crisp, fried crepes. You can put any ingredients you want inside, and it is a delicious treat for breakfast.

      Another one of my favourite snacks is called ‘tang hu lu’ (糖葫芦). This was first made in Beijing and consists of candied fruit, such as haw, strawberry, grape, or oranges, on a stick. It has a sugar coating making it crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I enjoy eating them every time I want to eat sweets.

      Last, but not least, I enjoy eating ‘snow cookies’ or ‘xue bing’ (雪饼). They have a sweet and salty flavour. These cookies are easy to carry around and eat because in one pack there are two pieces.

      Overall, I love to eat any kind of Chinese snacks!

      By Yejin, Year 10, YCIS Puxi Secondary