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    Co-Curricular Activities at YCIS Shanghai and the Power of Gamification

    Student Blog

    18 Nov, 2020

    10 : 00

    • When I was in Year 7, I was introduced to the Creativity, Action and Service programme (CAS) and the idea of working on projects aimed at improving our society. This got me thinking: “What would be something that I could do to directly contribute to the YCIS community, while also helping me develop my skillsets, such as planning and leadership?” I wanted to create something that was both fun and educational. 

      After much thought and preparation, some teachers and I created a Minecraft Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) for YCIS Pudong ECE and Primary students at the Regency Park Campus. It’s been a few years since its conception, and now that we have brought it over to our Century Park Campus, the Minecraft CCA is more popular than ever, running every Friday during school time. 

      Building a community at school has been an invaluable experience for me. I have become a much better public speaker, and I am more confident in leadership positions. It was initially nerve-wracking and exhausting to moderate over 20 excited students, all eager to be able to play their favourite video games in school. But with time, I learned how to be a better teacher, keeping the students on track without taking away any of the fun, and maybe even teaching them a thing or two about Maths and Science along the way!

      I think this CCA has helped introduce the idea of non-conventional teaching methods in the classroom. Gamification in education is a great way to teach without making the process tedious. Many students find it easier to grasp concepts when they are presented in a relatable, visual manner. For example, many teachers in ECE now teach area and perimeter by asking students to create houses and apartments with given dimensions in Minecraft. The CCA has also helped foster collaborative skills in participating students, teaching them to communicate and work together to make inspiring creations.

      All in all, this CCA has been a great experience for me and the other students, and I encourage all of my fellow peers to take the initiative and create student-led activities for our YCIS Shanghai community.

      By Arnav, Year 12, YCIS Pudong Secondary