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    Sweeping Victory at Math Olympiad

    School News

    08 May, 2009

    10 : 00

    • YCIS students swept all first place standings for all divisions at the 2009 Mathematics Olympiad organised by the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) ( The victory adds to our championships of previous years in various competitions, and establishes YCIS Shanghai, Puxi as THE school to beat.

      This year's Mathematics Olympiad was held at the Access International Academy in Ningbo on May 8, in which a total of 116 students from international schools in China participated. The competition brings together Key Stage 3 students from international schools across China to compete in solving challenging, mathematical problems. Students must not only be good in problem solving, but also be very quick in thinking and willing to take risks. The numerous and complicated questions make for a tough and exhausting test of mental alertness and endurance.

      The competition was intense, with four rounds and lasting almost three hours. Our students showed superb problem solving skills, excellent knowledge of Mathematics, and strong mental endurance. Like true champions, they made the victories look easy!


      First Place– Year 7 (11–12 years old) Coach: Iris Hua Team Members: Claire Zhong, A Young Woo, Kevin Chen, Caleb Wang

      Third Place– Year 7 (11–12 years old) Coach: Iris Hua Team Members: Natasha Lim, Zibo Gong, Duan Jing Xin, Meng Hsuan Hsieh (Rex) (The third place was an especially exciting and hard fought victory, coming after five tie-breaking rounds.)

      First Place – Year 8 (12–13 years old) Coach: Marie Sieve Team Members: Charmaine Wong, Emily Yang, Micah McDonald, Sae Wook Oh

      First Place – Year 9 (13–14 years old) Coach: Barclie Gallogray Team Members: Juliana Rader, Heidi Lai, Joshua Wang, San Ha Cheong

      Honourable mentions go to our other team mates, who were unfortunate to miss placements by only 1 or 2 points in total, but proving themselves worthy of wins.

      Year 8: Maya Ando, Wei Qi Chuah, Caroline Shen, Andrew Teh Wei Kian Year 9: Julia Chang, Tian Yun Wang Sophia, Annabelle Chai, Laurence Williams