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    YCIS Provides Professional Development for Early Childhood Education Teachers

    School News

    02 Aug, 2012

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Shanghai hosted an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Conference at the start of August for all YCIS ECE staff. More than sixty ECE teachers and curriculum coordinators from YCIS Shanghai, YCIS Beijing, and YCIS Qingdao attended the conference at YCIS Shanghai Pudong Regency Park Campus.Led by YCIS’s ECE Superintendent, Ms Elizabeth Randall, along with YCIS Shanghai Puxi and Pudong ECE Curriculum Co-ordinators, teachers collaborated to share best practices in developing a learning community where all students will thrive. Teachers from different campuses also had the opportunity to receive professional training in their teaching methods, and they reviewed instructional lessons on the most effective tools to provide a quality education for students, as well as a thorough introduction to the philosophies and objectives at Yew Chung.

      According to YCIS Shanghai Pudong ECE Co-ordinator Ms Veronica Martin, “if our teachers think about their practise and what is happening in the classroom they become reflective teachers. We want teachers to always be reflective because this is how we improve our teaching.”

      YCIS Shanghai looks forward to the year ahead with a goal to empower, encourage, and motivate all teachers to their fullest potential. “YCIS is focused on having staff continually learn and develop professionally. We are a learning community. Thus, benefiting all of the children in our school,” emphasised Ms Martin.