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    Tremendous Progress for Hongqiao Campus's New Building

    School News

    06 Jun, 2012

    10 : 00

    • Construction of the new C Building on YCIS Shanghai Hongqiao Campus is moving along as scheduled. Significant progress has been made with the subsurface structure and major floor level structures. The next stage will be focused on erecting the walls for different rooms.

      Last June, a group of YCIS Shanghai Year 3 students had the opportunity to visit the construction site with their Co-Teachers and talk with the construction foreman. In alignment with the goals of all YCIS educational field trips, the students were encouraged to do more than just look and listen, but to also be interactive.

      On this particular trip, students got to “roll out the blueprints” to review the architectural plans. They also discussed safety on the jobsite and asked a number of questions about the construction process. Back in the classroom, the students worked on sending thank-you letters, in English and Chinese, to the foreman and the construction crew.

      YCIS Shanghai is extremely excited about the new C building as it will enhance the environment to benefit the students at our Hongqiao Campus. It’s just one more way that YCIS is striving for excellence in education for all students.