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    Secondary Students Demonstrate Chinese Language Skills in a Variety of Ways

    School News

    26 Apr, 2013

    10 : 00

    • The Chinese language programme at YCIS Shanghai not only focuses on what takes place in the classroom during Chinese class, but also incorporates a broad spectrum of cross-curricular activities and exercises to allow students to fully integrate language and cultural learning.

      While students practise reading, writing, and speaking Chinese on a daily basis at school, the additional, experiential learning opportunities are extremely beneficial. At YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus, Secondary students deliver presentations in Chinese to their fellow classmates twice a month at the Secondary assemblies, and have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on stage at the Chinese Talent Show every autumn, and at the Chinese Performance Evening every spring. During both theatrical experiences, the students eagerly present the results of their continuous effort towards honing their Chinese language skills, while also building their stage presence through these fun performance opportunities.

      Ms Amy Yang, a Secondary Chinese Co-ordinator at YCIS Shanghai, explains that these extracurricular activities expand students’ learning because “they are provided with unique ways to improve their Chinese language skills and confidence outside of the classroom. Then, they have the opportunity to showcase their Chinese language ability and their understanding of Chinese culture to the audience.”

      Earlier this month, Secondary students, from Year 7 to Year 9, showcased their skills in the Chinese Performance Evening. For two weeks leading up to the performance, students were diligently preparing their lines and regularly rehearsing. Preparation for one of the longer, feature plays involved students writing their own script, while another longer, feature play, and several shorter plays were based on scripts students had been studying throughout the semester.

      YCIS students are able to maximise their learning of both English and Chinese by studying both languages with these unique, cross-curricular methods, guided by the YCIS educational philosophy.