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    YCIS Primary Students Experience a Shanghai Water Town

    School News

    17 Jun, 2013

    10 : 00

    • The Year 4 students from Hongqiao Campus have been very busy in recent months learning all about ancient civilisations, especially those of Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. For the Chinese Culture “Architecture” unit, Year 4 visited the water town of Zhujiajiao. Everyone enjoyed the day, which was chock-full of interesting activities, such as searching for different bridges, and visiting a variety of places within the old town, including an old post office that is still in operation today, and a pharmacy where the students could see equipment that is used to make traditional Chinese medicine. A team of dedicated parents volunteered to join the students and teachers, which added to the learning experience. By traveling to historical and cultural sites around Shanghai, YCIS Primary students are able to apply their classroom learning in unique ways. Ms Michelle Courtenay, a Year 4 Teacher, explained the unique learning opportunities afforded during field trips by saying, “During our trip, the Year 4 students enjoyed discovering Chinese culture in Chinese architecture. Activities like this also provide the opportunity for students to meet local people and practise their Chinese language in an authentic context.”

      Field trips are an integral part of the YCIS curriculum, through which students learn more about the people, cultures, and economic and social systems that comprise the world around them. The advanced learning that takes place in the classroom, and on field trips throughout Shanghai, and around China, helps students maximise the advantages of Eastern and Western historical understanding and cultural immersion.