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    YCIS Secondary Summer Concert Starts the Summer off Right!

    School News

    04 Jul, 2013

    10 : 00

    • The recent summer concert at Century Park Campus lit up the stage, and was a terrific way to send the students into summer. Organised as an excellent opportunity for the students to exhibit their talent and improve their performance skills, this year’s concert was a continuation of the outdoor event theme from last year.

      The evening began with a performance from the Drama Department in the auditorium. Student actors and actresses led the audience through a very heartfelt play about friendship, and doing the right thing when faced with peer pressure, even when it may not appear to be the popular decision. Following this meaningful performance, the bands took to the stage.

      Outfitted with lighting and a high-quality sound system, the stage setting, in a relaxed, outdoor atmosphere, allowed for the students, parents, and teachers to interact with one another while enjoying the music. In addition, the barbecue grills were out and the crowd was treated to delicious burgers on the grill as well as other picnic foods and tasty treats – everything you could want at a summer concert!

      The opening band, "YCIS Blues Brothers," featured students and teachers, and started the concert off with a bang, performing smash hits from the Blues Brothers movie, including "Minnie the Moocher," "Sweet Home Chicago," and "Everybody Needs Somebody." They were very true to the way the originals were performed on the albums. Each member of the band was an accomplished musician, and their costumes provided for an entertaining visual, as well as musical, experience.

      This performance was followed by class bands from Years 7 through 9. At YCIS, each class ensemble offers students (even those without a musical background) the opportunity to try out a variety of musical instruments of their choice, which they spend time practising throughout the semester. They then perform a popular song, chosen by the class, in front of a broader audience, such as at the summer concert. All of the classes managed their songs with ease and enthusiasm, to the audience’s enjoyment.
Our school rock bands "Secret," "The Nameless," and "Pulse," also entertained the crowd with a selection of rock and pop songs, having practised and performed together throughout the school year. The rock band "Face-Melt" a joint teacher/student project, also gave a high energy performance which got the audience on their feet. Finally, the teachers’ band "T & ACE" closed the evening with well-known rock standards from the 60s and 70s.

      By the end of the concert, I could tell that our year of music had been a success, because the confidence and enjoyment exuded on the stage by all students was palpable. Not to mention, the support of teachers and parents was highly appreciated. I am already looking forward to our summer concert next year!
Special thanks to all students and teachers involved in making this event a fantastic and very special one!

      Contributed by Rainer Langhans, Head of Music and Drama for YCIS Shanghai Century Park and Regency Park Campuses