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    Primary Students Present Funny Fairy Tale Adaptations in Musical

    School News

    15 Jan, 2014

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Shanghai Hongqiao Campus Primary Students entertained their families, classmates, and teachers this week with a two-night performance of the musical comedy, Porridge. The students’ skills in acting, singing, dancing, and story-telling reminded the audiences that fairy tales have no age requirements, and demonstrated just how creative and imaginative YCIS Shanghai students and faculty can be!

      Mr Leon Weeks, a Year 5 Teacher and the Director of the musical, described the dedication displayed by student performers, saying, “Preparations for this After-School Activity began during first semester, with auditions and memorisation of the scripts, and it was evident from the start that the students were extremely committed to producing a great quality show! We held weekly rehearsals after school, and even had occasional lunchtime run-throughs, as well, all the way up to the week of the performance. It was tremendous to see the students’ dedication and excitement about the production!”

      Mr Weeks added that, beyond presenting a very enjoyable performance for their audiences, the students also developed important skills, including the ability to work as part of a team, as they prepared for the musical. “Drama is a social activity, and the 40 students in the cast were all able to learn together. They found the best way for every person in the group to contribute, and that made for a very meaningful experience for all.”

      Extracurricular programmes, including drama, theatre, sports, art, and music, support YCIS Shanghai’s focus on developing holistic students, who develop a wide range of skills, interests, and abilities. To learn more about extracurricular activities at YCIS Shanghai, please click here.