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    YCIS Shows Appreciation for its Support Staff

    School News

    03 Jun, 2014

    10 : 00

    • In May, YCIS Shanghai’s Century Park and Regency Park Campuses held an “Ayi”(Auntie) and “Shu-Shu”(Uncle) appreciation week to thank the cleaning and support staff that help the community all year long. The Student Council decided it was important to tell all of the campus’ Ayis and Shu-Shus how much they were appreciated.

      Clelia, a Year 8 student at the school’s Century Park Campus and a member of the Student Council, remarked “Throughout the year, our Ayis and Shu-Shus have been cleaning our campus and have been helping to keeping our classrooms neat. So, to express our thankfulness, we thought of a couple of gifts that our Ayis and Shu-Shus would like.”

      In addition to the gifts, each class decorated a box for each Ayi and Shu-Shu that was filled with personal letters of thanks from the students. Once all the boxes were complete, the classes presented the gifts at an assembly. Clelia adds, “I think writing a letter was a very good idea, as it got students thinking about how we should always be grateful for the great support of the people we have around us.”

      The week was full of other activities to show the Ayis and Shu-Shus that the whole YCIS community appreciates them. At the Regency Park Campus, a morning tea was held for the Ayis and support staff. Additionally, students at the Century Park Campus put together a short video that highlighted all the wonderful things Ayis and Shu-Shus do at YCIS.

      The support staff help make YCIS a friendly, comfortable, and fully functional school. YCIS thanks all of the Ayis and Shu-Shus who work year-round improving the lives of students, families, and staff!