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    Business and Communications Professionals Enlighten Students During Career Workshop

    School News

    03 Feb, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Last week, YCIS Shanghai hosted another successful “College and Career Planning Workshop.” The second workshop of the 2014/2015 school year, hosted by the Gubei Campus University Guidance Office, focused on “Careers in Business and Communications”. The speakers came from a range of specialties including journalism, consultancy, financial services, food & beverage, and executive search. With the school’s University Guidance Counsellors as moderators, the panelists held an engaging and insightful conversation on the opportunities within the fields and the skills helpful for success.

      The speakers included:

      • Ms Patti Waldmeir, Shanghai correspondent, Financial Times
      • Mr Navin Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Mobilemeasure Consultancy Limited
      • Mr Yi Luo, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group
      • Mr Francis Lo, Dean of Starbucks University, Starbucks Company
      • Mr Royce J. Haw, Partner, CTPartners

      YCIS’s College and Career Night Planning Workshops are open to all students in Shanghai. The goal of these workshops is for students and their families to learn about a variety of educational opportunities and career paths from real representatives in a chosen profession. Mr Karel DeCock, University Guidance Counsellor, helps plan and moderate these panel discussions. He explains, “Our workshops assist students who already have an idea about the particular field they want to work in, as well as students who have not yet developed a concrete decision about their future career path. These workshops can reinforce a student’s desire for a particular field, help them to reevaluate their decision, or open them up to new possibilities. Whatever the result is, our students are wiser in the end, and are better prepared for their future by attending.”

      Career workshops, international university visits, and one-on-one counselling are just a few of the ways that the University Guidance Office helps to prepare students for higher education and future careers. To learn more about University Guidance at YCIS, please click here.