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    First-Ever YCIS "Education Technology" Conference

    School News

    21 May, 2015

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    • Recently, educators from all YCIS locations worldwide came together for a special “YCIS-EdTech 2015” conference held at the Regency Park Campus. The two-day conference was the first of its kind and it blended together external perspective with specific examples of how YCIS teachers integrate technology in the classroom.

      On each day, the conference opened with a fantastic and thought-provoking keynote. Mr Clay Shirky, a professor from New York University and an expert on the social impact of the Internet, addressed the attendees on the first day of the conference. Mr Shirky gave an overview of today’s social media landscape and provided insight into how today’s educators can embrace the evolving environment. The following day, Mr Norm Dean, Deputy Director of YCIS and a seasoned expert on international education, presented on the importance of educational technology within schools.

      Throughout the conference, there were a number of interesting breakout sessions that included useful aspects for all YCIS educators and specialists. There were various workshops that catered for Early Childhood Education (ECE), Primary, and Secondary, as well as the school’s Chinese speaking staff. Breakout sessions also covered a wide range of topics, including how to effectively integrate iPads in the classroom, new apps to aid language acquisition, and ways to bring study materials alive through augmented technology.

      Furthermore, the conference provided attendees with a more hands-on experience regarding how technology is being implemented today in the classrooms at Regency Park Campus. On the first day of the conference, a number of classrooms were “open” so guests could observe how technology had been integrated into the curriculum. In each classroom, students worked on or showcased a project or activity they had completed during the school year that involved carefully integrated technology. Attendees were encouraged to interact with the students and teachers during this time so they could truly get a grasp of the effectiveness of these programmes.

      At the end of the two-day conference, guests left inspired by the limitless opportunities available for effective technology integration within classrooms. Regular opportunities, like the YCIS-EdTech conference, are ways that the school ensures its educators are able to continuously learn and develop professionally. To learn more about the staff at YCIS, click here.