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    YCIS Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

    School News

    03 Oct, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Last month, students and teachers at YCIS Shanghai celebrated the recent lunar Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese harvest festival occurring when the moon is at its fullest and brightest point of the year.

      As the holiday approached, YCIS Primary Co-Teachers taught their students the story behind the holiday in their weekly Chinese Studies classes. In addition to reading stories in Chinese, the students learned and sang songs about Mid-Autumn Festival, and even had the chance to see traditional costumes representative of the holiday. However, having the opportunity to sample the famous Mid-Autumn Festival treat, “Mooncakes”, was among most students’ favourite activities! Some classes even had a chance to make the delicious snacks in their classroom, including rolling the dough and stamping beautiful patterns onto the cakes.

      Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, along with other holidays, festivals, and cultural celebrations, is just one of the ways YCIS Shanghai helps develop students’ cultural understanding and appreciation, as well as helping to build their global mindset. To learn more about Chinese language and culture programme at YCIS, click here.