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    YCIS Artist-in-Residence Leads Community "Technology" Mural Project on Campus

    School News

    24 Feb, 2016

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    • At YCIS Shanghai, the school’s dynamic and robust arts programme is complemented by the unique Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Programme. The AIR Programme provides all YCIS students with the opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with, professional working artists. Sharing inspiration through their distinct artistic vision, style, and techniques, these professional artists work alongside students of all ages on projects that encourage learning and beautify the school environment, demonstrating how art is a meaningful and integral part of life.

      Recently, the Regency Park Campus community completed a technology-themed mural as part of an AIR initiative. The beautiful and colourful mural is representative of a computer’s motherboard and is appropriately located on a large wall in an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lab. The AIR for the Regency Park and Century Park Campuses, Ms Esther Chow, created the design
using small “robots” to represent the idea of how ICT
helps people connect with and explore the world around them.
Students in Years 3 and 4, parents, staff, and Secondary student
volunteers from the Century Park Campus all worked together to bring
the mural alive in the classroom. By collaborating on a mural together, all of the painters gained a fresh appreciation of the enjoyment of creating something together as a community.

      This year, Ms Chow has collaborated with students on a wide-range of projects on campus. Just recently, the artist held an open studio for small groups of students to learn about and observe her artistic process at the Regency Park Campus. To learn more about the AIR and other arts programmes at YCIS, please click here.