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    On-Campus Art Show Highlights YCIS Primary Students' Talent

    School News

    05 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • The bustling indoor courtyard of YCIS’s Regency Park Campus was recently transformed into a spectacular showcase of student talent and hard work during the annual Primary Art Show. The three-day show was a fantastic display of creativity and skill, with more than 800 pieces of artwork on display, representing all students in Years 1-4.

      Throughout the art show, students, parents, and faculty were impressed by the high quality of the artwork displayed and were awed by the skill level the students’ had achieved. From intricate dinosaur fossil collograph prints, to lifelike animal collages, vibrantly coloured clay pinch pots, and much more, the show featured an abundance of art materials and techniques. To create such a large variety of artwork, each year level spent time studying different famous artists from a variety of backgrounds throughout the school year. The students also learned about the special techniques or unique styles of these artists and were tasked with creating several works of art inspired by their studies. The Primary students also learned about the “Elements of Art” – colour, form, line, shape, texture, value, and space – and they employed multiple elements into their projects. 

      Ms Anita Dai, Primary Art Teacher at the Regency Park Campus, uses her art classes to teach and inspire students to create remarkable works of art like the ones on display at the recent exhibit. She says, “I’m thrilled that our visitors were so pleased with the colourful displays of art displayed at the show. I also hope that viewers were able to appreciate the amount of work and effort the students poured into their projects. And always, I strive to inspire in my students the work ethic and positive, open attitude that will allow them to tackle any difficult task, whether it is art or anything else in life, with gusto, enthusiasm, and determination!”

      As part of the school’s holistic education model, art is a dynamic part of the curriculum at YCIS. To learn more about the subject at the international school in Shanghai, click here.