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    A Thrilling Week of Maths and Science-Related Activities

    School News

    13 May, 2016

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    • Each year, YCIS’s Century Park Campus holds an action-packed week of Maths and Science activities. This year, the annual “Maths and Science Week” was another exciting sequence of events highlighting the stimulating ways that these two important subjects are taught at the international school in Shanghai.

      The week started off with a campus-wide quiz where students competed in their ‘Houses’. The quiz took place in the school theatre, with students answering a series of questions that were a mix of progressive Mathematical and Scientific concepts. At the end of the day, the Yellow House won a narrow and deserving victory, setting themselves up as early front-runners in the race to become the top House during the important week celebrating the applications of Maths and Science in real life.

      Students in both Lower and Upper Secondary collaborated together in the school’s first-ever “Periodic Table Bake Sale” to raise funds for school-supported charities, with almost 100 cupcakes sold in just five minutes, each one decorated with a different symbol from the Periodic Table. In addition, each cupcake was carefully positioned in its’ correct place on the campus Periodic Table bench!

      On Thursday, the school held a fun costume contest for both students and teachers to transform into the “Most Accurate Visualisation of a Mathematic or Scientific Concept”. Carbon Dioxide, Schrödinger’s High School Student, The Pauli Exclusion Principle, Pi, and Evolution all made an appearance in the entertaining and enjoyable competition. In the end, the contest was won by two creative Year 9 students who dressed up as “Fertilisers”.

      During the week, students also had the opportunity to hear from an experienced professional about careers in the field of Science. Mr Bruce Robinson, a qualified chemical engineer working for a multinational chemical company, Linde, visited the school during Maths and Science week to give a very interesting talk about his job and career. Robinson also led an experiment with liquid nitrogen which resulted in ice cream – a delicious way to finish the talk.

      The week ended with the annual interactive outdoor competition, “YCIS Rush”, a fun experience with plenty of activities. Working in small teams, students hurried to complete in a series of activities such as launching rockets, building elements, making cells out of food, making a flashlight in a chain, blowing a bubble inside a bubble, and much more. The engaging competition is not only designed to help students further apply the Maths and Science topics they are learning in class, but it also provides valuable lessons in teamwork and leadership.

      At YCIS Shanghai, Maths and Science are core subjects of the Secondary curriculum. To learn more about the programmes on offer for high school students at the school, please click here.