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    Student-Led "Battle of the Bands" a 'Hit'

    School News

    09 Dec, 2016

    10 : 00

    • More than 400 students, parents, and staff packed the Gubei Assembly Hall last Friday evening in eager anticipation of the 10th annual YCIS Gubei Campus “Battle of the Bands”. This year, 10 bands participated, featuring students fromYears 7 - 13.

      Organized entirely by students, the planning begins well before the actual competition by a student-run committee that manages all details, ranging from sound to lighting, and even the voting process. Students collaborate through the committee, and faculty, including Ms Sally Davis, Head of Performing Arts, and Mr Danny Davis, Technical Director, are on the Committee in advisory roles to help provide guidance and direction.

      More than just a musical performance, the Battle of the Bands fosters community, leadership, and camaraderie centred around students exhibiting their skills in the performing arts.

      Veteran student participants in the Battle of the Bands are eager to perpetuate the event, many of whom are called “BoBcom Elders” (short for Battle of the Bands Committee Elders). They often act as cheerleaders, leading the students in cheering and encouraging those performing on stage. The students at YCIS mutually empower one another, and this student-led spirit is part of what makes the Battle of the Bands such a festive and enjoyable evening for all who attend.

      This year, four bands received ensemble awards, including:

      1. Best Band – Orenge
      2. Runner Up – Paranormal
      3. Most Entertaining – Fluffy Buffaloes
      4. Encouragement – Overband

      Additionally, the BobCom group created awards for individual student performers to recognise other star talents individually. Of course, in concert with the character virtues focus for the students at YCIS, it was clear to all present that the evening was not just about the awards, but also all about community and camaraderie.

      The music programme at YCIS Shanghai teaches students not only about theory, but also emphasises practical application and performance in music in order to build students’ skills and confidence. The Battle of the Bands is one such opportunity, wherein students themselves take on the responsibility and organisation of putting on a concert-competition for their peers, and in doing so, benefit from their hands on efforts and learning. To learn more about the music programme at YCIS, click here.