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    Welcoming the Year of the Rooster across YCIS Shanghai

    School News

    06 Feb, 2017

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    • This year, the Yew Chung international community went above and beyond at all campuses to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year. Campuses were adorned in student art, a variety of celebrations were held to welcome the Year of the Rooster, and students showcased their learning about traditional Chinese culture with a variety of performances and activities.

      This year for students, families, and staff at the YCIS campuses in Pudong, celebrations were hosted at the Regency Park Campus, joined by students and staff from the Century Park Campus. The theme of the event this year was the “Chinese Zodiac”, with each classroom being named after one zodiac sign. Each classroom offered clever activities relating to each sign, keeping students and their families very well entertained. In addition, traditional Chinese craft vendors were on site to display their works and make them available for purchase, including portraiture artists, metal figurine crafts, and large candies made into celebratory designs using melted sugar. Families were also able to try a range of delicious local snacks, including dumplings (xiao long bao), and spring rolls (chuanjuan). The stellar performances of the evening featured ancient Chinese poetry readings by Year 1 and Year 6 students, a duet by violin teachers, Ms. Mira Yu and Ms. Sophie Zhang, and an amazing traditional Chinese dance performance by Year 3 – Year 5 students who were dressed in stunning dance costumes.

      Across the river, students and faculty at the Gubei Campus kicked off their Chinese New Year celebrations with a light hearted “Traditional Chinese Fashion Show”. Students and faculty alike modelled their fashions for the student body, and the students were immeasurably delighted when some of the Chinese teachers, in their traditional qipaos, gave out Red Packets(hongbaos) as a surprise. Other campus activities included lessons in tai chi and Chinese calligraphy.

      Celebrations at the Hongqiao campus were met with much fanfare. The festivities began with a phenomenal Dragon and Lion Dance, featuring dancers dressed in life-size Dragon and Lion costumes, where a team of dancers manipulated the mystical creature’s body using poles positioned at regular intervals. This traditional activity is meant to bestow a community with good luck in the coming year, and following the exciting introduction, audiences enjoyed superbly executed traditional Chinese dances performed by primary students adorned in celebratory costumes, as well as a show by the students in the Kung Fu After School Activity Progamme. The event was capped by the Parent Organisation Puxi Choir performing traditional Chinese songs with their children.

      One of the core educational principles at Yew Chung International School is to foster an appreciation for multi-culturalism, as well as an internalised understanding of the culture the students’ host country. This develops students who not only have an understanding of the traditions and culture of China, but who are also open to understanding and embracing cultures world-wide. To learn more about YCIS, and its unique approach to multi-cultural education, please click here.