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    Cultural Days Create Interesting Lessons

    School News

    12 Apr, 2017

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    • Year 3 and Year 4 students at the YCIS Hongqiao Campus enjoyed fun-filled cultural theme days recently to celebrate the learning they have been doing in class. Students and teachers alike dressed in full Roman theme costumes (Year 3) and in ancient Egyptian regalia (Year 4) and completed various activities designed to help them learn more about these Ancient Civilisations.

      At YCIS, engaging learners in a range of hands on learning activities and themed days is one means by which we cater to multiple intelligences and make learning fun! One fun activity on Ancient Egypt day involved students learning about ancient Egyptian Mathematics systems. Students learnt the characters for numbers used in the ancient civilisation and then used them to work out math problems themselves. Another activity had the Year 4 students engaged in a building pyramids, which gave students the experience of thinking through complex maths problems. According to Natalie Gray, Year 4 Leader, “The activity allowed the students to put into practice some of the maths concepts they have been learning in class. It was a great way for the children to consolidate their understanding of ratios, and to translate their theory into practical experience, all while dressed like ancient Egyptians!”

      The Co-Teaching model at YCIS also plays a role in theme days. Gray notes, “When planning these events, my Co-Teacher and I meet to discuss ways we can organise our lessons to ensure there are activities that will bolster language learning.” Co-Teachers are also able to draw parallels between ancient times in China and elsewhere in the world through lessons such as these, helping children develop a global mind-set.

      Cultural Theme days at YCIS are a fun way for Primary students to gain not only an understanding of ancient cultures, but also to understand how they have contributed to the knowledge we have today. To learn more about the Primary programme at YCIS, please click here.