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    Exciting Early Acceptances from Top UK Universities

    School News

    13 Dec, 2019

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    • The final months of the year are an exciting time for many people – and particularly so for Year 13 students as they begin to receive early acceptances from universities. Typically, the earliest acceptances come from UK universities, followed by those from US institutions soon after. At YCIS Shanghai, our Year 13 cohort has already received a plethora of offers from a number of top UK universities, and across a wide spectrum of majors. 

      Mr John Yi Liu, YCIS Regional Coordinator of University and Career Guidance, recently shared about these fantastic acceptances to date, and the anticipation of, and excitement about those soon to be received.

      As part of his sharing, Mr Liu highlighted several students who have received early acceptances from UK universities, noting just how diverse their majors are. “Our students have received acceptances from a range of majors – from Law, to Music, to Biomedical Sciences, to Philosophy, Politics and Economy (PPE) – and of course, this is just the beginning of the ‘season of good news’ about our university acceptances,” said Mr. Liu. He also explained that the wide range of majors pursued by YCIS students is indicative of the incredibly broad range of course offerings and opportunities that Secondary students have at the school.

      Several of the students who have received outstanding offers so far described how their experience at YCIS led them to select their majors and universities, and how the school has prepared them for their further education:  

      Jia Hao – YCIS Puxi Secondary: Music (9 Years at YCIS) – Early Acceptances: King’s College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol

      “I will be studying Music, and I felt that the UK would be a perfect fit for my university studies. I believe that the UK’s rich cultural background, history, and vibrant atmosphere will add to my musical repertoire and help develop my musical knowledge and abilities. During my time at YCIS, the IGCSE and IB Higher Level music classes I took music solidified my foundation in the subject and helped build my interest in various aspects of music. During my time at the school, I have also been an active member of the orchestra and the string ensemble programmes, and these Co-Curricular Activities have shown me what it’s like to participate as a musician in a group, and have enhanced my teamwork and leadership skills. These were very valuable experiences and they had a major impact on my life. In the future, I aim to blend my interests in music and business and become an entrepreneur in an area related to music.”

      David – YCIS Puxi Secondary: Law (12 Years at YCIS) – Early Acceptances: University of Warwick, Lancaster University

      “YCIS’s IB curriculum has been very helpful in preparing me for university. Developing skills related to critical thinking, the ability to manage different tasks, and effective approaches for time and stress management are all of the utmost importance in the IB curriculum and have set a strong foundation for my future studies. Especially in courses like English Literature or Humanities, I was encouraged to develop the ability to analyse and provide my own understanding of the texts. IB classes aim at preparing you to enter society as an adult, and some of the skills I developed – especially in terms of critical thinking – are what motivated me to pursue a degree in Law. Much like how we study the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) in IB, I am looking forward to the theoretical study of Law, or Jurisprudence, as well as studying the essential influence of Law on society, and so I am looking forward to studying at a university in the UK with this focus.”

      Srividhya – YCIS Puxi Secondary: Biomedical Sciences (8 Years at YCIS) – Early Acceptances: Queen Mary University of London

      “From Year 7 I have always been interested in Science, and later I developed a genuine interest for medical research as a tool to help people. A degree in Biomedical Sciences will allow me to research diseases and will constitute a way for me to have a direct impact on society. The Biology and Chemistry labs we have for IB at YCIS have allowed me to have a hands-on experience, which ultimately helped develop skills that I will be able to apply in university, especially for some classes at Queen Mary that are really hands-on. I love Practicals!”

      Christina – YCIS Puxi Secondary: Biomedical Sciences (6 Years at YCIS) – Early Acceptances: King’s College London, University of Bristol

      “I have always been interested in the Sciences and, in IB, I chose to study Chemistry and Biology Higher Level which helped me develop a strong interest in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science, mainly because I would like to pursue the study of medical research. The IB curriculum at YCIS is very well-rounded, and by having regular assessments I feel I am well-prepared for the work I will do in university. Developing time management skills has also been an important part of my IB experience that will be useful in university, as this has equipped me to be able to complete my assignments on time. During my years in Secondary, I have volunteered several times to help run part of the school’s Science Fair event, and I found this to be really interesting. I enjoyed helping the teachers set up different practical experiments for the event, and this actually helped me develop my skills and ultimately improved my Chemistry and Biology results.”

      Joey – YCIS Pudong Secondary: Philosophy, Politics and Economy (PPE) (12 Years at YCIS) – Early Acceptances: University of Manchester, University of Warwick, University of Southampton

      “A close family friend actually suggested PPE to me as he knew of my interest in politics and philosophy, and I became increasingly interested in the degree as I explored the subject. The multidisciplinary nature of this course is what really interests me. YCIS has taught me to think from multiple perspectives and I am looking forward to being able to be exposed to diverse political and social ideas and to discuss and examine global issues with other students at university. Being able to integrate my studies within the three disciplines of philosophy, politics, and economics will be an interesting and exciting challenge.”

      YCIS students are provided with countless opportunities to explore and develop their interests to help set a course for their future. This is further augmented by the individual university and career planning support they receive from the school’s University Guidance Counsellors starting in Year 10, helping them to clearly identify and shape their university and career interests from a young age.

      Soon after the holiday break, the Year 13 cohort are looking forward to hearing about early acceptances from institutions in the US, followed by top universities from around the globe in the spring. 

      For more about the many ways in which our University Guidance Office team supports our students, please click here.