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    Sunny Campuses Full of Joy as Year 5-9 Students Return

    School News

    25 May, 2020

    10 : 00

    • This week, students from Years 5–9 were welcomed back to YCIS Shanghai’s sunny campuses, joining their older peers from Years 10–13 who had recently returned to school (Click here to review the article). Excitement was abundant as teachers and students reunited and reconnected in-person for the first time in several months. 

      Things are looking very different compared to when the Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students were last on campus. However, the teachers and leaders at the school have been very impressed at the adaptability the students have demonstrated, thus far, in familiarising themselves with the new health and safety rules to follow on campus. Although there are many changes, the students and teachers, alike, are very happy to have the chance to be together for face-to-face learning once again.  

      As YCIS leaders and teachers would all attest, a school doesn’t feel complete without its students. The preparations made before the students returned along with the summery weather and blue skies that we are currently experiencing, all contributed to the warmest welcome back to campus for our students. 

      Everyone is looking forward to the remaining students from K2 to Year 4 returning to campus on June 2. Until then, YCIS Shanghai will continue to offer e-learning options for those students who cannot return to campus, and support for all members of our school community who require it. Seeing more and more students back at school is bringing a new wave of optimism and a strengthened appreciation of being together as a united YCIS Shanghai community.