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    Key Takeaways from the First YCTalks Series Live Stream

    School News

    22 May, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On Thursday, May 21, YCIS Shanghai hosted its first Live Stream discussion as part of the new YCTalks Series. The inaugural talk, "Discovering the Uniqueness of the YCIS Chinese Programme", hosted by Ms Ivana Fan, with guest speakers Ms Sissy Shen and Ms Kian Ji, highlighted the school’s excellent Chinese curriculum and what sets it apart from international schools in China and around the world. Here, are some of the highlights of the discussion:

      Ivana Fan - Host

      For YCIS students, especially Chinese as First Language (CFL) learners, being able to speak Chinese is not just a skill, but also part of their roots and cultural identity that can never be lost in their life journey as citizens of the world.

      Kian Ji - Speaker

      We  believe, internationalisation isn’t just westernisation. A true international education integrates the essence of eastern and western cultures, cultivates children’s intercultural understanding, communication and collaboration, and helps them grow into global citizens with an open outlook.

      Sissy Shen - Speaker

      A quality curriculum is like a forest, a "living" ecosystem in which various elements coexist and interact dynamically with each other. It is rooted in the philosophy, culture, and organisational structure of the school.

      At YCIS Shanghai, the integration of the Chinese programme into the school’s bilingual and multicultural curriculum is a benchmark for how Chinese is taught in international schools in China. As Ms Shen further explained, teaching Chinese should be carefully developed and fully incorporated into a school’s curriculum: “Subjects should not be taught as a flat, linear process, but as a systematic, comprehensive, three-dimensional, and sustainable ecosystem.” The excellent progress students at the school make in their Chinese studies, including top international exam results, exemplifies how YCIS Shanghai puts this approach into practice in its classrooms every day.