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    15 Years in the Making: YCIS Student Receives Cambridge Offer

    School News

    29 Jan, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Great news! As early acceptances from top UK universities start to arrive, we are delighted to announce that one of our students has received an offer from the world-renowned University of Cambridge! 

      YCIS Puxi Secondary Class of 2021 student Sheryl received a conditional offer to study Veterinary Science at Cambridge. The university consistently ranks top ten worldwide. The Veterinary Science programme is no exception, also ranking in the top ten globally.  

      Long-term student Sheryl joined the YCIS Shanghai Kindergarten programme in 2005 and is one of the brilliant examples of the potential our students can reach. 

      “I started developing an interest and love of animals when I was a child in kindergarten and primary school and wanted to be a vet. In Secondary, I considered other majors like Economics or Psychology, but eventually settled on my passion for Veterinary Science, and started doing some practical training for this major. I then applied to Cambridge and other universities.” - Sheryl

      Although she knew it was not going to be easy, this did not deter Sheryl from applying. “It took me a long time to decide to apply for Cambridge because I found it only accepts around 70 students per year for this course, and the college I applied to only accepts 8 students from around the world annually,” added Sheryl.

      The Cambridge application process focuses specifically on academic preparation, the admissions exam, personal statement, and interview. Only outstanding applicants will succeed in this process.

      Sheryl was very focused on her objective of studying Veterinary Science in the UK and completed all the necessary steps in a timely way, but also made sensible back-up plans since this is a highly competitive programme."  - Ms Karen Ozkurt, Senior University Guidance Counselor, Year 12 & 13 Year Level Leader, YCIS Puxi Secondary

      Sheryl completed the Duke of Edinburgh and has been involved actively in many school activities, including sports. She did a long-term internship in a veterinary clinic which gave her excellent relevant experience and helped her a great deal – particularly with the Cambridge interview.

      The University Guidance Office (UGO) supported Sheryl throughout her studies, including IB course selection guidance. Sheryl chose Higher Level Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, all very wise choices considering her desired future major. The UGO counsellors also helped her with her personal statement and the interview, including mock interviews with her IB Biology teacher, Ms Elizabeth Slade. 

      "Sheryl has always been a cheerful, kind, and dedicated student. It has been a delight to work with her through the application process as she was very organised and open to feedback," added Ms Ozkurt. 

      We are thrilled about Sheryl's success and wish her all the best in her bright future! We look forward to more excellent offers for our YCIS Shanghai Class of 2021 in the coming weeks and months!