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    Congratulations to Our Mathematical Masters!

    School News

    29 Jan, 2021

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    • A YCIS Shanghai student is sitting on top of the world in a prestigious international Mathematics competition, and more of his peers have achieved exceptional results! The students are really enjoying the challenge of competing against students from all over the globe and their interest in Mathematics competitions is growing, with a great number of YCIS Shanghai participants this year. 

      As part of our Mathematics curriculum, our Mathematics department trains and encourages students to participate in various international Mathematics competitions, where they apply their knowledge to problems and build confidence. “These amazing results are a reflection of the strong and robust academic programme on offer as part of the Mathematics curriculum at YCIS Shanghai,” commented Mr Damien Hehir, Western Co-Principal at YCIS Pudong.

      American Mathematics Competition (AMC8)

      Written by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, the AMC8 is a world-renowned competition, where many of our 27 contest writers from YCIS Pudong earned high scores.

      Year 9 student Sungwoo earned one of the top AMC8 awards available, the ‘Honor’s Roll’, which places him in the top 5% of all worldwide scores. Sungwoo spoke about his immense excitement for this great result, how his parents encourage him to be his best, and how he is looking forward to writing two upcoming competitions – AMC10 on February 5, and Math League on February 23.

      Along with his ‘Honor’s Roll Award­­’, Sungwoo also received the ‘Gold Award for Top Result in the School’. His peers Mary and Daniel (both Year 8) and Oscar and Ethan (both Year 9) all scored at least 5 points above the world average, with Mary receiving the ‘Silver Award for Top Year 8 Result’.

      Caribou (Canada)

      Caribou is known for its wide variety of deep, engaging Mathematics problems, coding challenges, and logic puzzles. It is one of the most popular contests among students because of the fun, creative, and sometimes quirky approach. 

      A total of 53 YCIS Pudong Secondary students took part in the Round 3 of Caribou on January 14, competing against 22,000 students worldwide.

      Sungwoo has placed first in all three Caribou rounds to-date, retaining his first-place overall ranking in the Year 8–9 worldwide division. Oscar has tied Sungwoo for first place in the last two consecutive contests. The results of the full Caribou Cup are determined from the top 5 of 6 results, meaning there is more excitement to come for Sungwoo and Oscar!

      HighFour Mathematics Competitions

      For many years, YCIS Puxi students have participated in the HighFour Mathematics Competitions. This year the competition was held online, and the Year 9 team competed in Round 3. The team ranked a remarkable 4th out of 66 teams in China.

      The YCIS Shanghai Award Winners are Year 9 students Jake, Jonny, and Stephanie.  

      A key objective of YCIS Shanghai Mathematics curriculum, throughout all sections, is to develop students’ critical, analytical, and mathematical problem-solving skills. Our students receive regular support through the efforts of our highly skilled Mathematics teachers. Students receive regular enrichment opportunities, including contest practice questions, both in class and at a dedicated twice-a-week lunchtime study club. They also have the chance to practise with peer tutors. These student volunteers have participated in Mathematics contests before and take the time to share their best practices with younger students.

      Primary students can also get involved in Mathematics competitions. Arrangements are set once again this year for the Year 5 and Year 6 annual Math League (USA) contests. The school is also in the later stages of arranging a contest writing opportunity for Year 3 and 4 students. These contests take place in the late spring, so stay tuned for more!

      Competitions help develop students Maths competence and self-confidence, which they can apply in the classroom. They help prepare students for the IB programme, where they will need critical and problem-solving skills to perform well. Many students who win such contests are inspired to continue their studies at the university level in Finance, Financial Analysis, Physics, Engineering, and other technical fields where these Maths skills are highly valued.

      Congratulations to all YCIS Shanghai students who took part in these Mathematics competitions for their incredible achievements! We look forward to hearing about more success soon.