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    Celebrating our Collaboration with East China Normal University

    School News

    04 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • On April 21, 2021, YCIS Shanghai, Pudong, and the East China Normal University of Shanghai (ECNU), hosted a special ceremony to formally celebrate and acknowledge an internship partnership between our school and the university. The programme provides an opportunity for ECNU to send training Chinese teachers to YCIS Pudong to work with our school’s experienced Chinese Co-Teachers. As well as providing a potential pathway for the training teachers, our students also benefit from having more adults in the classroom to support them with their learning. The high-quality partnership will add to the development of the future of international education in Shanghai.

      The opening ceremony was co-hosted by Ms Sissy Shen and Mr Robert Watson, Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Primary Vice Principals at YCIS Pudong. Attending theceremony were: Ms Lu Cuihong, Head of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Pudong New Area Education Bureau and the Director of the International Exchange Centre; Mr Xi Minou and Ms Wu Kangwei, Exit-Entry Administration Officers ofthe Pudong Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Attendees from ECNU‘School of International Chinese Studies’ included Professor Ye Jun, Deputy Dean; Ms Ding Anqi, Deputy Dean and Deputy Director of the International Chinese Language Teacher Training Base; and teachers, Mr Liu Hong, Mr XuYanting, and Mr Wu Chunyan. Attendees from YCIS Shanghai included Ms Rita Chen, Director of School Business Operations and YCIS Pudong School Leadership Team: Mr Damien Hehir, Western Co-Principal, Ms Mary Yu, Chinese Co-Principal, and Ms Kian Ji, School Business Manager.

      During his speech, Mr Hehir introduced the history and educational philosophy of YCIS. Ms Yu mentioned how, since the establishment of the school, YCIS has always had at heart its social responsibilities and has been actively involved in educational practice and sharing. “East China Normal University is a prestigious and trustworthy partner,” Ms Yu said. “The cooperation between YCIS and East China Normal University has taken place in various forms and has already started,” she added. Ms Yu highly praised the results of the cooperation and the professional development platform, looking forward to further developing in-depth exchanges and cooperation, joint exploration, and the promotion of the sustainable development of both parties.

      Professor Ye said that YCIS’s holistic education and high-quality teaching are highly compatible with the teaching concepts of the School of International Chinese Studies at East China Normal University. The university has a long history of teaching Chinese language and culture, as well as robust scientific research. The close cooperation between ECNU and YCIS Shanghai is conducive to further improving the level of Chinese education for international students.

      Director Lu praised the positive influence of YCIS Shanghai and East China Normal University on promoting education development in the Pudong area, the city, and ultimately, the country. She also introduced her six suggestions for the interns: listen more, read more, think more, talk more, write more, and ask more.

      Ms Shen gave a detailed introduction to Yew Chung’s ‘Seed Project’ and shared how YCIS has carefully nurtured and polished talents through the internship programme. She used data and students’ feedback to show how YCIS’s Seed Project is integrated with YCIS’s school motto and values and embodies the important concept of the ‘Learning Community’. Ms Shen also talked about YCIS Shanghai’s involvement in the development and opening up of Shanghai and the Pudong New Area. She added that diversified cooperation will cultivate outstanding Chinese teachers with an international outlook and respect and understanding of multiculturalism, which will continue to make positive contributions to the development of international education in China.

      Student representative Yao Lan, a master’s student from the School of International Chinese Studies of ECNU, shared her unique internship experience. This included how she learned from the experience of failure under the guidance of an instructor, improved her internship goals and curriculum design, enriched her teaching, advanced her management skills, and shared the personal changes she went through. Her vivid remarks were beneficial for teachers and students alike.

      Ms Yu and Mr Hehir, together with Professor Ye and Ms Anqi, concluded the ceremony by revealing the commemorative plaque created for this official event. The YCIS Pudong leadership team then led the visitors on a tour of the Regency Park Campus.

      Collaboration is a distinctive part of the YCIS school philosophy. This partnership is an important step in the cooperation, exchanges, and mutual benefits shared between the two parties. We look forward to a positive collaboration for many years to come.