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    Maths Superstars Earn Global Recognition

    School News

    24 May, 2021

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    • Mathematics is not just about crunching numbers, multiplication tables, or algebra. Students can develop a plethora of life skills when learning Mathematics in an open, supportive, and inquiry-driven environment. Developing critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills are at the core of the YCIS Shanghai curricula across all school levels, especially in Mathematics classes.

      To enable students to apply their knowledge and solve problems, our Mathematics department trains and encourages them to participate in various international Mathematics competitions. The students’ confidence grows throughout the process, and, consequentially, they achieve some incredible results. 

      In January, we were delighted to announce that YCIS Shanghai students achieved outstanding results in a prestigious international Mathematics competition, including one YCIS Pudong student sitting on top of the world rankings. Now, there is more great news for YCIS Shanghai students.  

      On May 5, YCIS Shanghai students happily joined participants from over 9000 schools in 127 countries for the ‘World Maths Day’ competition, which was a great test of mathematical thinking, logic, and problem-solving. And YCIS Shanghai students did not just take part in this competition—they excelled!

      Year 7 and Year 8 students from YCIS Puxi Secondary entered the competition, and we are thrilled to share that we had some incredible results. Both year groups came at the top of the rankings in China, and the Year 7 group came 21st in the world! We are proud of all the students who contributed, and there are a number who deserve special recognition. Individually, five Year 7 students featured in the top 25 in China and five Year 8 students in the top 15. The top five students from Year 7 were as follows:

      Student Name

      China Position











      Their peers in Year 8 did incredibly well, too, and we are ecstatic to share that YCIS Shanghai students occupied the top two spots—and 40% of the top 10—in China and that their world rankings were also extraordinarily impressive!

       Student Name

      China Position

      World Position
















      “It was great to see the dedication and competitive spirit from our students. They kept a keen eye on our position and supported each other as we rose through the rankings,” said Mr Matthew Hewitt, Head of Mathematics at YCIS Shanghai, Puxi.

      YCIS Shanghai, Pudong students have also participated in global competitions like the HighFour Mathematics Competitions and, more recently, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC10) and Caribou Cup from Canada. Building on their success from earlier in the year, we are excited to share the news that Chris (Year 11) has earned the AMC10 Certificate of Distinction, for top results from all of China.

      Meanwhile, Sungwoo (Year 9) continues to add to his Mathematics trophy case. He recently won the International Division of Math League (USA), successfully defending his win from last year. He has also positioned himself well in the recent University of Waterloo Gauss contest. Sungwoo continued his string of world beating results by earning a Certificate of Merit in the AMC 10, which is especially impressive as a Year 9 student. The icing on the cake is his tremendous 5th place worldwide finish in the prestigious six paper Caribou Cup.

      A special congratulations to the 22 students who wrote a minimum of five contest papers this year and qualified for the full Caribou Cup, written by tens of thousands of students worldwide. Some highlights included:

      Year 7 Caribou worldwide results

      Year 8 and 9 Caribou worldwide results

      Eric  – top 2%

      Sungwoo – 5th place

      Kyle – top 4%

      Oscar – top 2%

      Lucas – top 5%

      Tristan – top 3%

      Danji – top 6%

      Sean – top 4%

      Rebecca - top 7%

      Alex – top 9%

      Ningjing – top 15%

      Seongbin – top 9%

      In early May, over 110 students from Years 3 – 6 wrote Paper 6 of the Caribou contest series.

      Year 4 and 5 Caribou worldwide results

      Year 6 Caribou worldwide results

      William – top 6%

      Yeonwu – top 10%

      Oiyeung – top 9%

      Megan – top 15%

      Vivian – top 9%

      Olivia – top 15%

      James – top 9%


      David – top 15%


      The school continues to look at new and exciting opportunities for YCIS Shanghai students across the campuses to take part in highly respected contests in Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science from around the globe. It is from the immense interest of students and parents that the contest programme continues to grow.

      A huge congratulations to all participating YCIS Shanghai students for their excellent achievements this year! We can’t wait for more in the 2021–22 school year.