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    Welcoming in a New School Year

    School News

    30 Aug, 2021

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    • Today, we welcome a new semester and a new school year at YCIS Shanghai. Our campuses are springing back to life as students return to their classrooms. Behind the scenes, our teachers and staff have been busily preparing to ensure a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment for all.

      Facility Upgrades on our Pudong and Puxi Campuses

      📍 Pudong

      Regency Park Campus has a brand new, enlarged sports field surface which will provide more space for play and an opportunity to host interschool sports events. A fun, new play area has been constructed at the end of the field, and new play equipment has been installed throughout the campus for our ECE students. Inside, the fourth floor of the building has been transformed into a state of the art, brand-new Learning Community for our Year 4 students.

      At Century Park Campus, the Year 5 and 6 Learning Community has seen a further floor added with innovative new learning spaces for art, design and scientific exploration, catering for growth in student numbers. On the second floor of Building B, there is now a dedicated Learning Community for the English Department, which includes beautiful new indoor and outdoor spaces. A fantastic new STEAM studio has also been added to the building which will cater to robotics and creative technologies.

      📍 Puxi

      We are excited to announce the complete renovation of the C-Building, which is the home base of our Year 7 and 8 Secondary students. This innovation centre comprises of new classrooms, flexible learning spaces, a social hub, students' common areas, teacher and staff offices, workstations, and meeting rooms.

      In Primary, the new IIIP facilities in the B-Building will include a set of sound-proofed rooms for students to practise their individual instrumental instruction during or after the school day.

      A new Early Childhood Education (ECE) Light Room will be installed to support art, science, and technology, as well as imagination, creativity, and sensory integration. Additionally, a K2-specific outdoor play space and roof garden will also enhance our young learners’ sensory experiences in a crucial stage of their skills development.

      Continuing Professional Development

      Students are not the only ones learning on campus, as all teachers — new and returning—participate in teacher training. In addition to further understanding curricula and community culture, there is an in-depth study of the YCIS Mission, Principles, and Practices.

      At YCIS Shanghai, an experienced faculty is at the core of our continued academic success. Our teachers come from more than 15 countries, average over a decade of teaching experience, and spend an average of 5–7 years with us in Shanghai. They are passionate and committed to achieving YCIS’s goals and developing the skills necessary for students to adapt to a multicultural, 21st-century society.

      Placing Health and Safety at the Forefront

      To ensure the highest standards of health and safety for our students and the YCIS community, and to fully comply with local government regulations, our Senior Leadership Team issued a notice requesting that staff, students, and families stay in Shanghai for at least 14 days before returning to campus.

      Those who travelled to medium or high-risk areas were also required to show proof of two negative nucleic test results.

      As our returning families are already aware of last year, our students will continue to show their Green Code and travel records upon entering the school, as well as keeping records of their daily body temperature.

      We are delighted to welcome the whole YCIS Shanghai community back to school and look forward to what the 2021–22 school year brings!