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    Stellar IGCSE Results Pave the Path to the IBDP

    School News

    20 Aug, 2021

    10 : 00

    • After the recent great news about the YCIS Shanghai Class of 2021 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results, we are pleased to follow up with more academic success—this time for our Year 11 students. The Class of 2023, who will start their IBDP journeys in Year 12 this month, set a great standard across the board in the recent International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) exams. Of all the exams taken by the cohort, 91% received A*–C grades and more than half received A* or A grades, indicating a high level of learning and understanding. Below are three highlights from the 2021 IGCSE exams.


      Students enter YCIS Shanghai at different ages, from different schools, countries, and backgrounds. However, one thing we always strive to achieve with all students is a high level of competency in their host country’s local language of Mandarin Chinese. At the IGCSE level, students have three options to accommodate native and non-native speakers. Not only did all our students pass with higher-level scores (A*–C) on their Chinese exams, 100% of those taking Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese scored A*/A. This strength in Mandarin across all levels enables all our students to actively engage in life in China, making the most of the abundant opportunities that language can unlock.


      There is no denying the immense impact that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will have on our future. This academic year, we saw fantastic achievements in international Maths competitions and celebrated the creativity and collaboration through STEM during our TEDx event in June, showing how engaged students are in STEM inside and outside the classroom. The IGCSE students built upon this success and we witnessed a high standard in all Maths IGCSE results. We were delighted to see that 100% of the students who took Additional Maths scored A*–B.


      Many YCIS Shanghai students enjoy participating in Music and Performing Arts, be it on stage or backstage. From Early Childhood through to Upper Secondary, our students learn multiple instruments, act, design sets, and undertake technical sound and lighting roles, among others. There are numerous examples of students who have gone on to prestigious Music and Performing Arts programmes after graduation, including recent graduate Kevin who will matriculate at the world-famous Berklee College of Music this autumn. This year, 100% of students who took the Music IGCSE received grades A*–B.

      We want to celebrate the entire cohort’s results and also recognise how well students did individually. Gaining even one A* or A grade is a fantastic achievement, so we were delighted to learn that we had students with multiple, including a YCIS Puxi student who was awarded 10 A* and one A grade and a student from YCIS Pudong who received 9 A* and one A grade. These are phenomenal results, and the YCIS Shanghai community is proud of the hard work of all our students and teachers. We look forward to the continued success of the Class of 2023 in the IBDP.