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    YCIS Shanghai IB Results 2021

    School News

    09 Jul, 2021

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    • Another year, another set of fantastic results for our latest cohort of graduating students! This year, YCIS Shanghai students entering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) achieved an average score of 38 out of a maximum of 45, which is 5 points higher than the world average of 33.02.

      Building upon last year’s success, two of our graduates scored an incredible 45 out of 45! Alexandra (YCIS Pudong) and Kerry (YCIS Puxi) were delighted to receive top marks. The pair have spent a combined 21 years at YCIS Shanghai, and their teachers were thrilled to hear of their results — a culmination of their great progress over the years. Their achievements were the cherry on top of the wonderful effort of the whole of the Class of 2021. 

      “I'm really delighted and proud of all that our hard-working students have accomplished despite the uncertainties they have experienced. Their results illustrate how well prepared they are for a lifetime of learning. Their achievements in part come from their strength of character, positive mindset, and determination to succeed." — Mr David Potter, YCIS Puxi IB Coordinator

      “I’m thrilled with this incredible set of results, which is highly reflective of the hard work, ability, and resilience of this cohort. Several of these students have been with us since ECE and Primary, meaning that this is a whole school celebration. These students are now exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education in terms of academics, motivation, and a willingness to embrace their potential.”  — Mr Matthew Grady, YCIS Pudong IB Diploma Coordinator

      At their graduation last month, CEO and School Supervisor, Dr Betty Chan Po-king made some memorable remarks that the students can take with them wherever they go next: “I am sure you are all anxious and eager to leap into the future. Wherever you are, in all your pursuits, be curious and creative, be bold and intuitive, be confident and persistent. It is alright to be aggressive and assertive in attaining your goals, but remember, always be guided and grounded by integrity and compassion. This is how YCYW people differentiate and shine.”

      We are excited to follow this latest cohort on their academic journeys at university and their careers beyond. All the best to the Class of 2021!