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    Celebrating our 2023 Mathletes Winners

    School News

    04 Jul, 2023

    08 : 36

    • YCIS Shanghai has been widely acknowledged for its exceptional achievements in mathematics, and we are delighted to announce that our students have once again come out on top in various Maths competitions. This year, our students from YCIS Pudong excelled in the SASMO, UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, Junior Mathematical Challenge, and University of Waterloo Gauss Competition.



      In the prestigious SASMO competition, three of our students, Haehwan(Y6), David(Y7), and James(Y7), attained bronze medals, while Yeonwoo(Y8) achieved a silver medal. We're extremely proud of their hard work and dedication.


      UKMT- IMC 

      The UKMT proved to be another fiercely contested battle. In the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, our students showcased their exceptional mathematical skills, with two students, Mary and Vandy(Y10), winning bronze, one student, Maximus(Y7), clinching a silver medal, and three students, James(Y7), Lucas(Y9), and Yeonwoo(Y8), taking home the coveted gold medal. Their outstanding performance is a testament to their tireless effort and unwavering commitment.


      UKMT- JMC 

      In the Junior Mathematical Challenge, our students' impressive performances were unparalleled. Three students, Chao Yao(Y6), Arjun(Y8), and Felix(Y7), secured bronze medals, while Vivian(Y7) earned a silver medal. We are proud to announce that Alan(Y6), Tianyuan(Y6), Maximus(Y7), James(Y7), David(Y7), Yeonwoo(Y8), and Haehwan(Y6) all took home the gold medals. These exceptional individuals have set an unbeatable standard for future competitions, and we couldn't be more thrilled.


      University of Waterloo Gauss Competition

      In the University of Waterloo Gauss Competition, David(Y7) and Yeonwoo(Y8) were recognized for their Outstanding Participation, while James(Y7) received the Distinction Award. Such accolades are a testament to not only their academic prowess but also their ability to handle pressure under difficult circumstances.


      On behalf of the entire YCIS community, we extend our congratulations to all our students who participated in these competitions. Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you have made us all incredibly proud. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire others with your passion for mathematics!