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    Rising to New Heights: Honouring YCIS Shanghai Graduates of 2023

    School News

    03 Jul, 2023

    11 : 08

    • With last week’s Graduation Ceremony, the Class of 2023 is saying goodbye to their high school days and getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Despite facing challenges like the pandemic, online learning, and changes to global situations, these graduates have continued to grow and learn about themselves and the world around them. They have each got their own unique story to tell.


      The Graduation Ceremony for the YCIS Class of 2023 started with musical performances and speeches from four Vice Principals across the Pudong and Puxi sides of the school.


      Dr Betty Chan Po-king, CEO and School Supervisor of Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network recorded a heartfelt video in celebration of the students' graduation. Her message inspired and encouragd the graduates to fearlessly navigate through different changes and continuously create opportunities for themselves.


      While commending the achievements of every graduate, Mr. Matthew Grady, IB Coordinator at YCIS Pudong, and Kyndra Douglass, Careers and University Guidance Counsellor & Service Learning Coordinator, also encouraged them to plan their lives with purpose and explore the world around them with an open mind.


      As the graduation drew to a close, four Co-Principals from YCIS Pudong and Puxi campuses delivered their congratulatory messages. They expressed their admiration for the contributions made by this year's graduates to the school community, and were proud of the leadership qualities, determination, and spirit of service that they had demonstrated. The principals also urged the students to treasure the memories of their time together at Yew Chung, no matter where their future paths may lead them.


      Oh, how time has woven the years 

      into a tapestry bright,

      As we bid farewell 

      in the graduation ceremony's melodious rite;


      To the YCIS Shanghai 2023 graduates,

      May you brave every storm 

      and mountain pass!

      Congratulations on your joyous graduation!