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    YCIS Hosts ECNU and Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences

    School News

    27 Jun, 2023

    11 : 04

    • On June 19th, Ms. Huang Meixu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the International Education Center of the International Chinese Language and Culture College of East China Normal University, Mr. Liu Hong, Dean's Assistant and Director of the Research Office of the Global Chinese Development Research Center of the National Language Commission, Ms. Yu Yue, Dean's Assistant, Ms. Yi Lan, Secretary of the School Management Branch, Ms. Xu Aini, Member of the School Management Branch, as well as Ms. Dong Xiuhua, Director of the Higher Education Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, Ms. Zhang Ripei, Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy, and Ms. Shi Wenting and Mr Zhou Jianglin, Deputy Director visited YCIS(Pudong)Regency Park Campus to conduct a three-party exchange learning and research activity with the theme of "Party building leading, promoting international education exchange and cooperation and high-quality development of international Chinese education". Accompanied with Ms. Rita Chen, Chief School Operations Officer of YCYW, Ms. Mary Yu, Education Director of YCYW, YCIS Pudong Leadership Team and two frontline teachers.


      After Ms. Sissy Shen, Assistant Co-Principal of YCIS Pudong delivered a welcome speech, Ms. Mary gave a brief introduction of YCYW and YCIS Shanghai's history, school mission, and educational philosophy.


      Having an overall impression of the school, the visitors toured the classrooms and learning communities, and spoke highly of the school's advanced educational philosophy, teaching models and excellent values education


      After the visit, Ms. Sissy continued to share about the four major advantages and characteristics of YCIS, namely: a unique education model that combines Eastern and Western cultures, advanced integrated international curriculum, outstanding school history, and a focus on values education. She stated that in designing and implementing our curriculum, we are dedicated to fostering our students' future visions, skills and capacity. "As educators, it is also our responsibility to nurture their resilience and flexibility to face different complex and open situations, and respond to the constantly-evolving demands of the modern era. This means that we must equip our students with the key competence now to solve the unknown problems in the future."


      In addition, Ms. Sissy also elaborated on the unique bilingual learning community framework at YCYW. Irrespective of their mother tongue, whether it is Chinese, English or any other language, students can receive the most comprehensive and high-quality bilingual and bicultural education at YCIS through the implementation of a complete, systematic, and secure curriculum in both Chinese and English language courses, Chinese Studies Curriculum, Co-teaching model, Bilingual Learning Community, Community Resources and Events, and CCA activities. This helps students to achieve internal transformation and gradually become cross-cultural practitioners with an international perspective and ability.


      Ms. Sissy also emphasized the importance of establishing long-term community partnerships based on the concept of learning communities. Since 2018, YCIS has established formal mutual assistance and win-win cooperation with several universities including East China Normal University, leveraging each other's resources and professional strengths to build a high-quality platform for international education and research, improve the quality of education and teaching on both sides, and promote mutual development. At the same time, through the "Seed Programme," YCIS provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at ECNU to jointly explore the most suitable path for cultivating outstanding Chinese teachers with international vision, respect, and understanding of multiculturalism, and continues to make positive contributions to the development of Shanghai education and Chinese international education.


      It is a great honor that our school was chosen by leaders from East China Normal University and Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences for collaborative research among numerous international schools. This recognition affirms our school's commitment to providing high-quality education and encourages us to continue improving.


      Moving forward, we will foster more cooperation and development under the guiding principle of learning communities. By leveraging multiple resources, we will continuously enhance the quality of our teaching and faculty, providing our students with the best possible education. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge educational services that will help our students thrive in the ever-changing world.