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    What It's Like to Be a Drama Student at YCIS

    Student Blog

    12 Feb, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Tanya, Year 11, Gubei Campus

      To be a drama student or not to be a drama student? If that’s the question, then the answer’s pretty obvious. Be one! The three years that I’ve participated in our school’s Drama programme have been some of the best of my life. Whether you’re a lively extrovert, curious about the art form, or just naturally drawn to it like I am, Drama and Theatre have a way of consistently producing Tony-worthy performances (at least we’re certainly working passionately towards it).

      Students all across Secondary are involved in Drama in one way or another. In Year 9, students are given a glimpse into the world of Drama by exploring their dramatic creativity in producing their own short, original performances. If this peek into Drama attracts you, then you might consider, as many students do, to choose it as an official IGCSE subject for Years 10 and 11. As an IGCSE subject, students are taught to look for the deeper meanings in performances and scripts. This helps us to understand not only if a performance is an effective piece of theatre, but why it is, and what makes it a proficient work of art.

      IB theatre encourages us to not only utilise our creative skills from Year 9, but also combines this learning with the additional knowledge and skills developed in IGCSE in order to devise a theatre-worthy performance. Perhaps the best part of being a Drama student is the support received from the school community. Any public performance is performed for a full house, encouraging constructive criticism and overall acclaim from students, parents, and faculty alike. So join us! All of YCIS is a stage, and we’d like you to step into the spotlight.